The Many to Many Relationship With HABTM

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TLDR: The first step to HABTM is creating a join table and there are a few conventions you need to follow when creating a join table. In my example, I will create a HABTM relationship between a Team table and a Member table: Naming first_table + _ + second_table Both table names are plural They […]

Filtering menu options, removing orphaned data from heroku, and adding the JoyRide Jquery Plugin

I was in the early stages of the interview process and talking to a corporate recruiter. She was looking at the app a fellow student and I created for our final project at The Iron Yard and the app errored out while I was on the phone with her… crap. So, I tried to borrow […]


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How to add a default image and thumbnail image with the following gems TL;DR version: gem ‘carrierwave’ gem ‘fog’ gem “mini_magick” Make sure you create and add the defalt image AND thumbnail to the assets/images directory of your project Uncomment the following method and line in the relevant app/uploaders/*uploader.rb file: def default_url # # For […]

New video Project “Daddy Daycare”

After getting a little burt out on the programming tutorials I thought a video project was a good way to stay productive. I wanted to explore some new things in the editing software I use (Premiere Pro) and maybe try out After Effects. I got a cool burst sequence to work during the swing section using Adobe […]

Embedding Vine Videos

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I am a big fan of Vine and since I am making a new site, I figure I would play around with their newly released embedding option which I think is robust. You have multiple options to change the size of the window (320, 480, 600) and there are two options for a border aka “Postcard” […]